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bayourebel's Journal

23 November
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I am a student of anthropology interested in studying the francophone world: post-colonial, urban, rural and all that. I am a Cajun and proud of it, though this is a recent development.

I am interesting also in language. I study French (of course) and Esperanto. I was going to originally study descriptive linguistics, which is accents and dialects--as opposed to prescriptive linguistics which is telling people how to sound like middle class white people from the midwest.

I am a Marxist. This means I am a socialist. Or a communist, whatever term you want to through at me I'll wear proudly. I believe in a better world, where the factories and farms and shops are controlled by the people they service directly through their democratically elected representatives in a planned economy. This is not only possible, but necessary.

I am also an environmentalist. This ties in well to the planned economy of socialism, as capitalism is structurally unable to grow and develop sustainably.

I am also a feminist. All people are equal, regardless of whatever they have between their legs. Sexism is a structural component of our society and will take a structural change to fix.

Another structural problem is racism. White supremacy is a dangerous lie. All people are equal in dignity and rights. It is not enough to be for equality, we have to actively oppose white supremacy at the structural level.

I am an uncle and a fiancé and a caretaker of a stupid cat that is awesome. I am a brother and a son. I am a worker and a Cajun. I am a musician (a bad one) and a revolutionary.
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