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Arguing with Old People.
hat n glasses
I hate arguing with old people, especially a racist classist who feels bad for capitalists and not laid off workers. Fuck him.

It's Christmas time now, so I'm at home with my mom and brother and soon my dad. I can't wait till Christmas day and I get to see my niece get a DS and stuff. It's cool to see her so happy, but shitty to train her that getting things is the highlight of your life.

I wish I could spend the holidays with Colleen. Christmas is romantic to me, especially considering what New Years entails for us. I think we should be married on New Years Eve, right at midnight. That's pretty romantic.

Things I found in my parents storage shed:
Paintball gun
Star Wars toys
A firetruck

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That is such a wonderful idea! :3 Also you left something you found out ;)

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